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There's a reason why there are studios that rely heavily on bodybuilders posing and flexing more than jerking off.

I would love to see Stu with his new big size in Muscle Hunks.

He is a 10 year gym veteran who candidly shares information that is based on his real life experience.

This is an honest dude who isn’t afraid to educate people on the edgy topics of bodybuilding. But The Bodybuilder In Thailand also opens people to breaking away from corporate slavery and living a life of freedom.

He has a great step-by-step tutorial on how he makes money on the Internet that I suggest EVERYBODY read.

No one does female bodybuilder futanari like Angela Salvango.

If you don't like big muscles/bodybuilders, that's OK, but bear in mind that there are also many men who like the bodybuilder look.

There is no need to stigmatise the look and those who like it. The problems start if goes overboard but that line is subjective.

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Built women often take a dominant role when they fuck.

Men, usually wealthy, worshipping amateur and pro bodybuilders and willing to pay them for private posing sessions and sexual favors.

A schmoe, sponsor, client can pay on a "per session / per visit" basis or have a long-term or stipend type arrangement with the bodybuilder.- Bear hug them until they lose consciousness.- Lift a fridge, naked, at their home.- Blowing up balloons on webcam, naked.- Send them my dirty underwear, socks and other freshly worn clothing items.- Send them a pair of freshly worn posing trunks.- A video tape of me going to the washroom.

Well, I think he looks even more attractive now than he did before.

And I also love how ironically bodybuilding exploits homoeroticism through its suggestive posing, exposure of the male body almost naked and the confrontation of appearance and, implicitly, attractiveness with other males.