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Now, whether or not any of these dads eat crackers, I don't know, and frankly I don't want to know.At that point, Genevieve and I were by no means close with one another… But there were times I tried to show I was interested, using the best modes of millennial communication available, of course.unless you count sharing a few small words here and there when I was seeing her friend, that is. That meant random Snapchat conversations every now and then, favoriting or responding to her tweets on occasion, liking her Instagram posts — and, rarely, texting.Though the play was inspired by witnessing true events, Platt told that he doesn’t share the anxiety level of his character.“I had a really fortunate and wonderful upbringing,” he recalled. [It’s] something that’s followed me into my adult life — this struggle to feel present and stop wondering about perception or what other people are thinking.