I dont deserve you in dating

At the end of the day, it's the two of you against the world.

People who shame you while telling you they love you are jerks and definitely don't deserve to get in your pants on a regular basis.

Which means you’ve also spent sleepless nights beating yourself up, wondering what you could have done differently, asking friends how you could have turned things around.

Emotions flood over you that you’re embarrassed to admit. All because you gave your heart to a guy who didn’t give his back to you.

There is not a lot I enjoy more than having a special woman in my life that has me grinning all day.

A woman that I inevitably text when something weird happens at lunch 'cause she gets my kind of weird.

Have you ever longed for someone’s affections, only to be told some version of: “It’s not you, it’s me.” “I’m just not feeling it.” “Let’s just be friends.” “I think the timing is wrong.” “We don’t have the right chemistry.” If you’ve finished elementary school, you probably have!

If you have ever been on the wrong end of an unequal relationship, you know how terrible it feels.

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And during my time playing the field, I learned that there aren't many things one can generalise about in the dating world.

These are some of the most painful memories from romantic relationships, and, because of them, you may feel that it’s not worth it to date anymore.

Well, if every relationship ends in the same painful fashion, that would make sense.

Have you ever felt stronger about someone than he felt about you?

Have you ever been in a relationship where you were always worried about being dumped?