Knights of pythias sword dating

Masonic Templar swords only vaguely resemble these original swords.From about 1880 to 1920, members of the Fraternal Order of Masons wore society swords with elaborate markings during various ceremonies.The Knights of Pythias were not nearly as affluent as the Masons and Odd Fellows and this is reflected in their subordinate lodge jewelry, most of which, (with the sometimes exception of Chancellor Commander jewels) is gold and silver plated brass.

Kennedy and Carnahan were but two of a number of extraordinary Pythians.The three small pieces following are also 10K and sterling.The piece second from the right is 14K and the far right piece is a contemporary Chancellor Commander jewel in sterling.Collectors most often mean the modern ceremonial swords when speaking of Masonic sword identification.The Knights Templar was a military order of monks during the Crusades, beginning in 1118 and ending some two centuries later.