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As the network information of the office router is saved in the camera, you will need to register the camera again to use it in your home.2.However, if the camera is turned off and relocated in the same place, the camera will automatically connect to the existing router.1.To view a seamless video, the speed of the network speed should be at least 1.5Mbs for a low resolution and 2.0Mbps for a middle resolution (720p).

If the distance between the camera and the router is too far, an alternative method would be to install a Wi-Fi Extender in a spot where the signal is weak.PRINCETON — The growing proliferation of surveillance cameras around businesses and homes prompted one Mercer County police department to organize a database for future use in their investigations. “Residents are, more and more, getting cameras put in their driveways, front yards and backyards,” he said.Police here are asking the locals with cameras and video to volunteer the information to them for future reference. And when something happens within close proximity to a video surveillance system, the images can be a big help to investigators.Nanny cameras, commonly referred to as nanny cams, have gained significant recognition and caused more than a few eyebrow raises in the last few years.News stories about nanny cams catching nannies and babysitters "in the act" have caused many parents to buy a nanny cam of their own to keep an eye on things.