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Reality Situations Bachelor Situations Bachelor / Bachelorette breakups Reality Situations Bachelor Alumni Situations Reality Situations Bachelor Situations Bachelor Pad 3 Reality Situations Bachelor Situations Reality Situations Jillian was one of the most professional Bachelorette’s in Bachelor/ette history.

She possessed enormous charisma and compassion much like Trista Sutter.

Challenge Day An actual school bus takes them to a spelling bee, which honestly just seems mean to do to these nincompoops. Since we’ve seen footage of Ed and Jaclyn on a date, we wonder if it’s them, but that seems wrong.

Doesn’t it seem like Kalon and Lindzi should be pretty good spellers? The twist on this bee is that the couples have to spell in tandem, alternating letters. It comes down to Jaclyn/Ed and Sarah/Chris when the words get harder, like “aphrodisiac,” “philanderer” and “boutonniere,” which would have tripped me up, to be honest. They go back and forth on several words they can’t spell, like “soiree,” “lascivious” and “entrepreneur.” Chris/Sarah finally win on “serendipity.” Blakeley cries, which is kind of funny.

However, relationships start to fall apart when the cameras disappear: Only two of the 20 couples are still together, one of whom is married.

Season 17 winners Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici got married in 2014 and recently celebrated the birth of their first child. Season 20 winners Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are currently enjoying their engagement.

He picks master manipulator Chris, who has kept himself busy stringing along Blakely and desperate Debbie, er, Jamie. Blakely and Jamie steam and seem genuinely confused.

Chris selects – wait for it – Sarah to go on the one-on-one date with him. Chris tries to convince Jamie that he’s just being a nice guy.

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They all left Some additional bachelors and bachelorettes from seasons past will be announced at a later date.

Chris and Sarah’s Date They take a prop plane to a toy train to a barn or something. I’m a little surprised they aren’t just sitting on a train set while scenery paper whooshes by and a production assistant jiggles the train set and blows a wooden whistle.

It’s comical that Sarah says, “I know that Chris is fresh off the break-up with Emily,” like he and Emily were in some kind of serious, long-term relationship.

This leads to pretty painful reveals, such as Blakely calling Jamie the “most annoying in the house.” LIST: Reality TV: THR's 50 Most Powerful List Jaclyn and Ed win the challenge and are safe from elimination.

” section were based on answers given by the housemates the previous night.